Domray Pty Ltd has represented Miroil Allentown USA since 1990 in marketing and distribution of washable and reusable oil filter bags and products for the treatment of frying oil in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region.

Miroil Washable and Reusable Filter bags come in a wide range of sizes and various micron materials for use in either machine or hand filtration. Strongly made to withstand kitchen filtering conditions Miroil Filtering Bags give long life and are more economic than paper filters.

Fryliquid is an antioxidant product which controls oil breakdown levels which have become lost in the frying process affecting food quality and oil usage. Fryliquid is fully approved by the USDA Food and Drug Authority, and is used throughout the World in both the Restaurant trade and Factory areas.

In 2005 Domray introduced its own range of stainless steel oil filtration units with basins ranging from 40 litre to 45 litre capacity. Including quality parts imported from Miroil USA, these units are fabricated and assembled in Queensland. The units provide reliable service in the arduous conditions found in the restaurant and food kitchen. Basins to suit special needs such as basin height can be manufactured to order