Miroil Frypowder

Frypowder oil stabilizer is USDA approved and accepted by FDA as a GRAS product.

Frypowder oil stabilizer is an inert food grade rhyolitic mineral blended with a small quantity of citric acid. The mineral does not react or interact chemically with the oil or the food. The citric acid effervesces when Frypowder mineral is added to hot oil. This activates the adsorption sites on the mineral and enhances the mineral's ability to capture oil breakdown substances when it settles to the bottom of the fryer.

All the time your fryer is ON, even when no food is cooked, oil breakdown reactions create a variety of oil breakdown substances known as polar substances. These substances become unwelcome "additives" to your oil.

Frypowder "subtracts" the most reactive polar substances as they form in the oil. In this manner Frypowder prevents the formation of many other species of polar substances which undermine cooking performance and impart off flavors to the food.

The most important benefit is that Frypowder stabilizes the chemistry of better oils so that you always cook great food. Safer oil care procedures, cleaner fryers, healthier food, and savings on oil are other benefits Frypowder provides.

The cost of Frypowder oil stabilizer is a fraction of the savings received by most kitchens. Even without the savings from using less oil, the superior performance of your oil, the ability to provide consistent superior food quality, reduced labor costs, and reduced hazard in operation of fryers make the use of Frypowder a must.

No special equipment is required because Frypowder can work with hand filtering devices and with all filter machines including those that are built into the fryers.