Safety Oil Filter Drain Pots

Avoid Fried Foot & Fried Floor

with Low Profile Safety Oil Filter Drain Pots - A tool for safer filtering, storage and splash free transportation of hot oil.

  • Fitted with heavy duty lifting handles
  • Gasketed safety lid held in place with 4 quick clips to avoid splash and spill
  • Oil contact surface is coated with high tempretature approved phelonic finish
  • Exterior surface is food complatible enamel
  • Suitable for food trucks in transportation of hot cooking oil
  • Safety Use Decals furnished. 

Please Note - Filter Assembley sold seperately



Model  (without caster base) 60L
Shipping Weight 14 lbs (6.5kg)
Oil Capacity for Filtering 55lbs (25kg)
Dimensions of Pot 12" high x 16" Dia  (30.5cm h x 40.6cm dia)