Miroil Fryliquid

This antioxidant fryer product has premium performance with all oils. It is made with natural ingredients and replenishes antioxidants that are lost by heating and cooking. This fryer enhancer replenishes antioxidants that are lost by heat and cooking.

To receive full benefit, add the fryer enhancer before each meal session or every 5 to 8 hours.

We offer to supply a test bottle of Miroil Fryliquid for you to test in your fryer and suggest that you select your fryer with the oldest oil, possibly oil you are just about to discard, and cook some fries. Study the quality of the fries closely. Look for softness, colour of the potato interior and potato taste.

The sample bottle we offer is graduated in 10 litre amounts. Add the appropriate amount of Fryliquid by squirting into the fryer according to the graduations, i.e. 2 x 10 litre graduations for a 20 litre fryer and so on, and then after leaving for 2-3 minutes fry some more fries and compare with the earlier batch.

This test will indicate how Fryliquid can improve the quality of the oil giving you longer oil life together with better food quality. An important point of which you should be aware when looking at discarding the oil is that the colour of the oil has little impact on the colour of the food produced. This is an effect of the oil make up and reaction to heat. Judge the oil quality by the food you produce and the daily use of fryliquid will maintain your oil quality and food quality.

Made from all natural ingredients and approved world wide, Fryliquid, and works with all oils. When used in your fryers Fryliquid will minimise the amount of oil absorbed into the food and therefore lessens the amount of oil used for top ups. It will also let you produce good food long after your normal discard programme, saving on oil costs and adding to bottom line profit. Your new oil provided by your supplier contained antioxidants but during the first frying these were lost when they are evaporated off. Daily application of Fryliquid replaces these antioxidants and will also remove and prevent the formation of black substances on the fryer wall keeping your fryer clean.


If you require any further assistance on how to gain the most from Fryliquid please contact us.

Why use Miroil Fryliquid?
Fryliquid will give you better fried food! Your food will taste better, and look better. It will cook faster - with hotter centres - at lower temperatures. You will save money, because you will discard oil less often and the food will absorb less oil. Food cooks more evenly, so results are more consistent and quality is better. Great frying quality is maintained for much longer.

'Gumming up' of fryers is greatly reduced. You can still use Fryliquid even if you only skim your pans with a metal sieve. Fryliquid works, with or without filtering.

Fryliquid works with all frying oils, fats and drippings - whether vegetable or animal fats.

Fryliquid Faq's

What is Fryliquid? Is it safe to use?
Absolutely. Fryliquid is a mixture of ingredients that naturally occur in foods.

Without Fryliquid, the food quality diminishes as your oil gets older.

With Fryliquid, the oil quality stabilises, so the food stays consistently good.

How does Fryliquid work?
Almost every modern frying oil contains synthetic anti-oxidants that protect the oil while it is waiting to be added into the fryer. However, these additives burn up as soon as frying begins. Unless you add anti-oxidants each time you fry, the oil deteriorates quickly.

Fryliquid is a natural product that restores the anti-oxidants that are lost from heat. It helps by acting, in effect, like a 'vitamin', protecting the oil against breakdown during cooking.

Fryliquid is a liquid anti-oxidant that's easy to use, without any special equipment. Just dose a small amount into the oil or fat everyday, following the simple instructions on the bottle, and see the benefits straight away.