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Australasian agent for
Miroil Allentown, USA

About Miroil

Domray Pty Ltd, subsidiary company Miroil (Australasia) Pty Ltd. are the appointed Australasian agents for the Miroil Division of Oil Process Systems Allentown Pennsylvania USA, suppliers of Frying Oil Filtration systems and Stabilisers, Fryliquid and Frypowder.

MirOil is the leading manufacturer of products for better frying. Frypowder and Fryliquid Antioxidant and Filter Aid provides consistent and enhanced food quality, with oil savings from 25% to 40%. The MirOil patented restaurant frying filters can filter as many as 500 fryers for half the cost of paper filters. MirOil portable filtration equipment is economically priced to allow restaurants high performance, high reliability filtering.

Distributors and restaurants worldwide have been using Miroil products for over 25 years to attain optimum frying.

Miroil are primary suppliers of: