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DOM 40 Spare Parts

An expanded view of the pump assembly construction including components can be viewed HERE.

Please Note: Adobe Acrobat reader must be installed in order to view this file. This reader can be downloaded from HERE.

Part Description
Filter Bag


RB3 - life: approx 500 filtrations


Filter Frame DOM2A
Delivery Hose


Hose sub assy: We recommend the replacement periodically of the Hose Sub Assembly, This involves the unscrewingof the ends of the hose and replacing the centre coated hose portion.


Rollers (5) Essential to pump speed. 11mm when new and should be looked at after approx 5 years.

Impellor for R40



Only normally requires replacement if something solid is allowed to enter the pump which may cause breakage.


Supply Lead



Standard computer lead. 1.2m long.
ON/OFF Switch Part 129-426 RS Components


Male Socket


Part 488-191 RS Components


Hose Connector 'O' Ring


Replace as required to avoid leakage.