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The motor and integral R40 pump has the on/off switch and male plug socket for connecting the incoming supply fitted into the motor box. The motor is rated at 240 volt 50 cycle supply and has a red overload thermal button.

In the event that an overload occurs, allow several minutes and press to restart. If the unit does not operate, call an electrician to ascertain the cause. The motor can be easily accessed by removing the top elbow connection and two screws in the rear of the casing. When this is done the motor and pump unit is fully displayed. The inlet connection from the basin which screws into the inlet of the pump comprises a castellated base. This controls the amount of residual oil that remains in the basin after filtration.

When using liquid oil this inlet pipe is screwed down low to the basin base and by tilting back the unit very little oil will be left in the basin. If you are using fat which becomes solid on cooling, to avoid plugging in the tube it should be wound up to approx 8-10mm from the base.

To increase the distance from the bottom of the filter:

  1. Unscrew the two bolts at the rear of the motor cover holding the cover in place.
  2. Remove the cover to gain access to the back nut on the suction tube.
  3. Screw the back nut down approx one thread.
  4. Turn the suction tube anti clockwise to raise the tube.
  5. Tighten back nut.
  6. Refit the motor cover.

The delivery hose has been tested for use with hot oil and is the appropriate food grade virgin silicone according to UL #1889 and NSF specifications.

The RB3 Filter bag is made from material complying with Chapter 21 Part 177.1630 of the US Code for Food Safe and Food compatible materials.


For Instructions on Shaft Seal Replacement - Click on image below